Wilkinson Residence, Southampton NY

(collaborator: Blake Middleton)

This large second home has to accommodate multiple functions for an extended family, ranging from entertaining to squash. Particular attention was given to creating a compound that would be intensively used, in contrast to the local predilection for “showplace” mansions. To that end, it is essentially a collection of many medium-sized interior and exterior rooms devoted to specific activities.

The site planning also rejects the norm of sprawling structures and amorphous exterior spaces, in favor of a tighter composition inspired by Italian villa and garden traditions. For example, the adjacency of the swimming pool, tennis court and fieldhouse is intended to foster a heightened sense of social interaction.

The stylistic language shows traces of both the owners’ and architect’s enthusiasms, including Tuscan villas, plantation and Shingle Style houses. It is hoped the resulting amalgam will be a fresh take on these styles.