Nuchow–Hartzell Addition, Brooklyn NY

(collaborator: Steve Hoffman)

A two-bedroom apartment unit in Williamsburg built on top of a curious one-story brick residence—the addition is set back from the street, and has contrasting materials and its own access stair to preserve the existing building’s character and privacy. The unit has two separate entrances from a common deck, to provide the flexibility of being occupied separately as a studio and one-bedroom.

Spatially, the living room is open from front to back to enhance cross ventilation. Rear-facing windows are transoms for privacy, except for a living room window which provides a specific view of the adjacent Williamsburg Bridge and its passing subway trains.

The structural system spans the entire forty foot lot width to avoid any disruptive penetrations to the residence below. The material palette is intended to reflect the context’s industrial character. The mechanical system is a combination of radiant floor heating and room air conditioners.